Montag, 2. Juli 2012

Open Letter to Ole Nydahl

Humanitarianism consists in never sacrificing a human being to a purpose.
Albert Schweitzer

So far I have not written on my blog that I accused you of an aggravated assault.
I have not written that the investigations were stopped although there were some based on very serious charges.

And I have not written that the investigation was reopened following my appeal to the Attorney General. Unlike the prosecutor who closed the case, Attorney General believes there is public interest in further investigation.

To be honest I have to write the new investigations are stopped again. I got annother chance to appeal at the Attorney for a second time. I am going to do it. 

The outcome of the investigation is yet unknown. I do hope however that my allegations can be proven in the course of investigation. I do not hope so for personal reasons. Personally I have forgiven. I hope so for political, or let's call it sectarian – political reasons. I want the secret Tantric practices of Tibetan Lamaism to be justiciable if they have such devastating consequences as described here:
(Quote from Wikipedia) "The practice of the Six Yogas of Naropa requires a high degree of meditative ability and spiritual knowledge due to its intrinsinc effects like extremely powerful, energetic emanations and especially due to its far-reaching consequences.“

I had neither spiritual knowledge, nor had I advanced trained meditative skills. I was simply too lazy for the whole Nondro excercise and all the rest. Why someone like me should be tortured like that?

(Quote from Wikipedia) „An attempt to perform Six Yogas of Naropa fully or partially, while not being properly instructed or guided and without proper preparation is possible but sometimes it causes serious and potentially irreversible phisical and psychological complications.“

If it would be your mission to spread Buddhas teachings as you suppose them to be, my mission is to oppose it with all my strenght and perseverance, who ever the teacher is, whatever a level of the so called Enlightment he has reached. I will openly speak about my case. I will openly speak about how secret practices of Tibetan Lamaism can cause damage to body and soul.
Our society is based on values of the Christian - Humanist tradition which culminated in the Age of Enlightenment and brought with it inalienable human rights. You know that as well as I do. You grew up in this tradition but you have thrown it to the wind and turned to magic and mistery, when Lepön Tzechu became invisible in front of your eyes, when you met him first. You turned to the sexual promises of the Tantras, to the supposedly power, to the power power over women. This is obviously rooted in your personality. You are a junkie of such drugs.
Do you want to bet which one of us will go to jail first? Just play with me a little! Just like in Leverkusen when you kissed me on the lips and said: „Well played, honey“. Those were the days! Yes, yes Maha Mudra. What has become of her?

I suppose I am at the risk of an arrest due to the interim injunction you have obtained against me. Your Solicitor or someone else in your team, must have studied my blog obssesively.

I am a woman who gives everyhing into what I believe. If the prison is the price I have to pay for writing my blog, let it be so, I feel fine everywhere. If this is what it takes to continue my blog, I will continue from behind the bars.
That should make the headlines. „Former Ole Nydahl's Student Jailed on Request of Her Ex-Spiritual Teacher and His Solicitor“. A sensational story full of piquant details, just right for tabloids like „Hallo“. And the most piquant of all, you will have to pay for my stay in prison yourself. The court will request an advanced payment of aproximately 100 Euro per day. I hope you will be paying from your own pocket rather than misusing donations from Diamond Way practicioners.

I find this all wonderful. Wonderful! Don't you. As the saying goes: „Try to see everything on a pure level“.

Love and greetings for the old, good times' sake. Good times I once had with you as a soulfull naive that I was.

Marte-Micaela Riepe

Anonymous 30. June 2012 16:19

In the humanist perspective a human being is more important than "an organisation" or "a religious ritual". In the perspective of humanism, regardless of what an official aim of an ritual or an organisation is, dignity and integrity of an individual are more important and cannot be sacrificed. I think this is what Shamar Rinpoche meant when he wrote in his letter to Ole Nydahl: "Dignity is most important".

The difference between archaic religions and contemporary humanism lies exactly in the idea of human sacrifice.


  1. Very brave of you, Riepe!
    Keep courage and take good care of yourself.
    Righteousness will be at your side, we all know!

  2. I will pray for you! Very brave!!!
    Hut ab! und dickes Lob!