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Tötungsritual im tantrischen Lamaismus: How to kill a person

vorgetragen durch Sheng -Yen Lu, einem sogenannten "Living Buddha" und Freund des Dalai Lama
in Washinghton, März 2000.


Zur Psychopathologie "erleuchteter" tantrischer Lamas gehört die Auffassung, Herr über Leben und Tod anderer Menschen zu sein, wenn das Töten nur aus "Mitgefühl" geschieht.  Demzufolge existieren solche Tötungsrituale, meist im Geheimen, nur Sheng Yen Lu hat es vor einem großen Auditorium amerikanischer Schüler in Washington gelehrt. Ich stelle es hier vor, es spricht für sich in seinem fast kindischen magischen Größenwahn.

Sheng-Yen Lu gives a speech to the members present on how to kill a person:

The only way to treat a stubborn or a hopeless person is to kill. If you love someone and have mercy and want to send one to
heaven, you must first take his life and then expiate the sins of the dead. This is the 2nd greatest charm of the religion. He
continue saying;- if there is no other way that could assist one, then the only way is to kill. Giving mercy or influence or wisdom
and still not way out, then the only way is to kill.

"Diamond spell" could make disappear one person. Then take his soul and send to "Buddha country". Firstly, create the shape of
a man (or human being), then put the man’s shape under one’s seating pad. (Or if you exert the spell, you put the man <the one
you think he should be punished> under your pad.)

To cast the spell, you must first concentrate, think and imagine the person you target; - then
His two eyes will move to the back of the brain,
His nose move to the top of his head,
His two ears move to his nose,
His tongue twists back in the mouth, the tongue tip is inside the mouth while the back tongue faces to the front.
According to Tantric (Religion), all the organs on his face are all moved.

When you succeed in doing this, this person does no longer exist. When his (the one being cursed) tongue is twisted, he cannot
talk. But according to this spell/curse, it is the charm of killing others.

Once, my grand master taught me to learn and practice Buddha’s Diamond Peg. (When you practice and pray with this peg, it
will give you power) The priest gave me the peg, and told me if I met some bad and evil person, you pray using the Diamond
spell. I did not practice; and I told him I would not practice it. Whether I will practice or not in the future, I will decide it later.
In the preaching, Lu further told the followers (attendees) that:

When I put "you" under my seat and twisted all your facial organs (eyes, ears, mouth, nose), I pray using the Diamond spell,
using the Diamond blaze along with the Diamond club, I can draw your soul to my front, and watching your head coming off,
blood are black in color, flowing out. I can see all your internal organs decaying, some hell workers coming to grab your
intestines, grab your liver, grab your heart, grab your stomach, and then tear them into pieces. Although it is a fierce killing spell
(charm), but if I really do it this way on to you in the future, I guarantee that I will lead you to Buddhist’s Kingdom (the peace
and eternal land).

When "Horse Head King" (a Buddha) descends from the sky, or the entire Diamond gods descend into your body, you will
exhibit the Diamond face (image). When you have the Diamond face (image), you (start to cast the prayers), by holding the
Diamond peg, and all other spell-casting devices. You can exert your killing command when you hold these devices. With the
killing command, the command uses the Diamond fire, burns your target (the person you want to kill) away, burns him to ashes.
Uses wind to blow all ashes away, grab your soul, and then send you to the West Happiest land of the Buddha Kingdom. All the
Buddha attendants, Diamond gods come and press you on the ground, press your heart and don’t let it beat, tear your intestines,
liver, stomach, kidney into pieces, chop your head out and black blood flow out. Make all your facial organs twisted (ear,
mouth…..etc). (The Horse Head King spell-HHK).

In this way, I can teach you another method (spell). You let (make) him sick. It is good to make him sick, make him sick. When
you pray to "HHK" and ask him to make that person sick.

If you want this person to get well, it is easy. You recite the "HHK" curse 100,000 times, no need to be 100,000 time, it’s OK to
recite 10,000 times. When you recite 10,000 times, the power of the prayer transfer to this person, then he will get well. This is
a kind of punishment too.

Just like you make this person sick first, then he will regret and admit his fault. When he admits his wrong doing and correct
himself, you have to recite 10,000 times the "HHK" charm towards him, to make him come back (return to this world). When he
gets sick, he become dumb and cannot speak, you watch his tongue (with your mind concentrated on his tongue), and recite
10,000 the HHK curse, the curse resonance (exert spell) to this person, then he will get well.

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